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We specialise in fixing things so they stay fixed!

A common problem when replacing parts that break or wear out prematurely is that they keep breaking. All Quality Engineering specialises in fixing things so they stay fixed. We will analyse and diagnose faults, identify their mode of failure, and provide you with an engineering solution to repair or rebuild troublesome parts so they have a better service life for your application.

All Quality Engineering is based at the Port Bundaberg, Burnett Heads servicing the Bundaberg Region and surrounding districts.

We specialise in:


All Quality Engineering provides a large number of engineering and machining services. We have over 30 years of experience with engineering and machining in commercial, rural, industrial and marine industries.

Difficult Repairs

All Quality Engineering specialises in fixing things so they stay fixed. With over 30 years of experience fixing broken and worn out parts, we provide consulting services to diagnose faults, identify modes of failure and then provide an engineering solution.

If you have a broken or worn out part, the best place to start is by bringing it to our workshop for an assessment or you can contact us to arrange an onsite appointment.

Once the fault has been diagnosed and we have proposed an engineering solution, we will credit any consulting fees to the cost of the repair work when you engage us to carry out the repairs.

We are also happy to provide consulting services for DIY (do it yourself) repairs.

Large Capacity Machining


All Quality Engineering has one of the largest manual lathes in the Bundaberg region. It is used to re-surface small gauge railway rolling stock and can handle jobs up to 3.5 tons. It can perform typical turning operations including facing, tapering, chamfering, drilling and boring on large work pieces. We also have two smaller lathes so we cater to a complete range of job sizes from the very large to the very small. Tolerances of +/- 0.01mm can be achieved with our equipment.

Turning Capacity

  • Cylinders: 620mm Dia x 3000mm Len
  • Disks: 1300mm Dia x 300mm Len
  • Shafts: 105mm Dia x 6000mm Len”


We have a large manual universal mill that can handle jobs up to 1 ton. It can perform typical machining operations including facing, profile cutting, pocketing, slot and dovetail cutting, boring, keyway and spline cutting.

Centre alignment of +/- 0.1mm and dimensional tolerances of +/- 0.01mm can be achieved with our equipment.

Single Setup Milling Capacity
These are the dimensions that can be covered from a single datum reference.

  • X Axis: 1300mm
  • Y Axis: 650mm
  • Z Axis: 400mm

Radial Arm Drilling

We have a large radial arm drill that can handle very large jobs. If you can fit your part in a trailer or ute tray, we can use our forklift to position it under our radial arm drill to perform drilling, boring and precision reaming operations.

Keyway and Spline Cutting

With our vertical and horizontal milling capability we can cut dovetail and T slots in mounting plates, and keyways and splines in axles. With a large complement of broaches we also cut matching keyways in the bores of pulleys, sprockets and cranks.

Test and Verification

We have a large precision granite surface plate for the testing and verification of critical tolerances of precision parts.

Custom Fabrication

We provide custom fabrication of parts that require a combination of engineering, machining and welding.

If you have a requirement a simple sketch with some critical dimensions is all we need to get started. We can even provide the technical drawings if you provide the parts needed and a description of what you want them to do.

Specialised Welding

We provide specialised welding of stainless steel, aluminium, cast iron, bronzes, steel, high tensile steels and tool steels. We provide rotary resurfacing services on small to large items (e.g. hydraulic pump and motor shafts up to railway rolling stock).

Hard Facing

We provide tungsten carbide chip hard facing services for ground engaging equipment. This treatment can dramatically cut maintenance and replacement costs.

Marine Engineering

We have 15 years of experience repairing and optimising propellers, shafts, marine bushes, seals and bearings. Your boat propeller is perhaps the most important part of your vessel’s powertrain. With the high price of fuel, it is vital to ensure your boat’s propeller is performing optimally to ensure your safety on the water and to save you money.

Prop-Scan Specialists

All Quality Engineering are Prop-Scan specialists. Our goal is to ensure you have the best propeller — one that is correctly sized to match your vessel’s engines, gears and hull for optimal performance and efficiency.

We can scan your propeller and modify its pitch as required to ensure its peak performance according to international ISO standards.

Propeller Repairs

We cater to a large range of propeller types and sizes from small recreational boat propellers, to racing propellers and large commercial sized propellers.

Propeller Sales

We are agents for a large range of new propellers and have software to select the best new propeller for your vessel.

Marine Repairs

We routinely repair and straighten propeller shafts. Rebuild or replace cutlass bearings, shaft seals, rudder shaft bearings and seals, stern tube bushes and winches.

Industry Experience

Trevor Nielsen has 35 years’ experience in engineering and machining and 15 years’ experience with boat propellers. Trevor has worked on a wide range of machinery from the very small to the very large and for a range of industries including commercial, rural, industrial and marine. Trevor takes a lot of care in his work and will do his absolute best to ensure that the work carried out at All Quality Engineering is done to meet your specification.

We routinely carry out repairs for a variety of regional industries including:

  • Earth Moving:
    Including repairing hydraulic ram couplings, broken linkages, worn bushes and hard facing bucket faces and teeth.
  • Farming:
    Hard facing ground engaging equipment, including rotary hoe blades, Yeoman plow points, power harrow tynes, ripper blades and points, mulched hammers, sugar cane harvester feed surfaces and base cutter disks, static balancing and straightening shafts.
  • Machinery Shops:
    Calibrating, aligning, setting up and repairing lathes, milling machines, fabrication equipment and guillotines.
  • Narrow Gauge Railway Rolling Stock:
    Including rebuilding broken axles and resurfacing worn rolling stock.
  • Marine:
    Including propeller shafts, cutlass bearings, shaft seals, rudder shaft bearings and seals, stern tube bushes and winch repairs.
  • Professional Painters:
    Including rebuilding and repairing industrial paint pumps.
  • Butcher Shops:
    Including rebuilding and repairing mincers and band saws.
  • Bakeries:
    Including rebuilding and repairing industrial mixers and bread saws


Our workshop is located in Burnett Heads. Our address is:

Shed 1A 146 Buss St
Port Bundaberg
Burnett Heads QLD 4670

At the roundabout, look for the green sign on the big shed by the water.

Unfortunately on the Google Map below, the street name is currently incorrect. If you have a GPS, our shed location is 24°45’46.9″S 152°23’05.2″E

Contact Us

Trevor Nielsen
Mobile: 0407 803 239

EMAIL: enquiries@allqualityengineering.com.au

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